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What dangers and treasures do the ancient sands of this Adventure map hide? There is only one way to find out!

Featuring a ton of unique structures, including puzzles, riddles, awesome boss fights, dyanmic battle arenas, stunning landscapes and a final boss instanced sanctum, this Oasis is great for low level players, but not for the faint of heart!

The latest update also introduces questlines! Both a main questline and sidequests are now available to flesh this adventure out!

With levels 20-55, and with a shocking 1586 regional bosses, 197 unique items, 74 custom quests, 83 unique npcs, 29 custom powers and a wealth of other features, this isn't just a map - it's a whole Adventure!

EliteMobs Info:
Recommended Level[s]: 20 - 55- Solo-able content
Bosses: 1586 Regional [208 Unique + Reinforcements + Phases + Transitive Blocks]
Unique Items: 210
Custom Quests: 75
Treasure Chests: 96 unique
NPCs: 86 (unique)
+ 1 wormhole world
+ 1 instanced sanctum
Custom Powers: 71
Difficulty: Solo-able
Map type: World
Encounter Type: Adventure
Minecraft Version: 1.19.0+
EliteMobs Version: 8.6.1+
Credits: Max, MagmaGuy Frostcone, Dali_


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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em_oasis_v9.zip 65 MB

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Very entertaining, the only problem is the lag that libdisguises causes with the skins, but everything is excellent

como puedo cambiar la dificultad en oasis?yo tengo el premiunm...

Can wait for the 3 chapter <33

(2 edits)

when will Chapter 3 come 

waiting for it so hard


Can wait for the update!!