A downloadable Hub Map

This beautiful EliteMobs Guild Hub includes areas for all the EliteMobs NPCs as well as the Wood League mob arena.

It allows players to use the /ag command (or the /em command) to teleport to it, and use the transporter to teleport back to where they were.

NPCs means that players do not need to learn any commands to use EliteMobs beyond /em as every feature can be used from this hub.

Additionally NPCs will give players gameplay hints, meaning it can also be used as a tutorial!

Originally gifted to EliteMobs by: Realm of Lotheridon

Expanded greatly by: 69OzCanOfBepis

Minecraft version: 1.16.5+ 
EliteMobs version: 7.3.0+ 
Credits: Realm of Lotheridon, 69OzCanOfBepis


Adventurers_Guild.zip 7 MB

Development log


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Love your work - I have bought a ton of stuff.   However, sometimes I can't be sure if I installed correctly or not -> could you please include installation instructions for all your packs?

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Check out 
for a basic guide.


Hello Magma! I love your work <3

Could you please rename this zip to em_adventurers_guild.zip so it can be imported more easily?

Have a good one!


Hola disculpen por qué los npcs se mueven de su lugar