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Primis is the most ambitious EliteMobs map and the intended introductory/tutorial experience for EliteMobs!

Version 0.6 adds the Ice Village and Earth Village regions, completing the leadup to the Blood Temple, the final zone. There are now nearly 1000 bosses and 100 quests in this insane project alone! The final release draws near with only three zones currently missing from the planned outline.

EliteMobs Info: 
Recommended Level[s]: 0 - 20- Solo-able content 
Bosses: 957 Regional [200 Unique + Reinforcements + Phases + Transitive Blocks] 
Custom Models: 11 (a few currently unimplemented, WIP)
Unique Items: 153
Treasure Chests: 25 unique
Quests: 98
NPCs: 255 unique
1 Arena
Difficulty: Two players recommended
Map type: World
Encounter Type: Adventure 
Minecraft Version: 1.18.1+ 
EliteMobs Version: 8.0.3+ Credits: 69OzCanOfBepis, MagmaGuy, Matevagyok, Dalio, FrostCone


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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em_primis.zip 143 MB

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If i buy primis at 0.6 so every update you will sent me new primis or i will buy that update

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The page gets updated with every version which you can download again after the initial purchase.

Can I get an old version to works in 1.17.1?


the file is too heavy for my server, it only lets me put 100 mb files, and it already compresses it as much as possible but at a rate if they are 113 mb. any advice????

There is no way around this. I recommend getting a better host, there's plenty of even free ones that do not have this limit.

Just disassemble the file and upload it and then do it right again, that's what I did too

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